Past Events

Matti Egon Memorial Lecture - Nov 2022

An illustrated talk by Associate Professor Antonis Kotsonas, New York University, entitled 'Lyktos, “the most ancient city in Crete, and the source of the bravest men” (Polyb. 4.54): From foundation to destruction.’

Dr Nota Kourou - Mar 2022

Excavating the past and its people: A fortified settlement and its cemetery at Xobourgo on the island of Tenos

Celebrating the bicentenary of the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence - Dec 2021

Celebrating the bicentenary of the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence


Associate Professor Dr Yannis Papadatos - May 2021

Marathon revisited: the new excavation of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens at the site of Plasi


Excavating the Cradle of an Imperial Dynasty: The Material Culture and Prosopography of Byzantine Amorion - Dec 2020

Excavating the Cradle of an Imperial Dynasty: The Material Culture and Prosopography of Byzantine Amorion

Dr Elena Korka - Feb 2020

Where Oedipus meets Agamemnon. Discovery of the city of ancient Tenea


Professor Emerita Lydia Palaiokrassa-Kopitsa - Nov 2019

Ancient Andros: a history of 14 centuries


Dr. Konstantinos Boletis - Mar 2019

The Choregic Monument of Thrasyllos on the southern Slope of the Athenian Acropolis


Emeritus Professor Stelios Andreou - Nov 2018

The late prehistoric polities of the Thermaic Gulf: Recent archaeological research at Thessaloniki toumba and the Anthemous valley


Dr. Bettany Hughes - Feb 2018

The Queen of Cities-the story of Constantinople from prehistory to the present


Professor Maria Iacovou - Nov 2017

"Political economy, state formation and urbanism in the land of Ancient Paphos" (PULP 2006-2017)


Professor Michael Cosmopoulos - Feb 2017

Under the Sceptre of Nestor: excavations at the Mycenaean capital city of Iklaina


Dr Dimitris Kourkoumelis - Nov 2016

Recent research and new finds from the MENTOR shipwreck at Cythera (1802)


Mr. Michael Wood - Feb 2016

In the footsteps of Alexander the Great: further reflections on an epic journey


Professor Nikolaos Chr. Stampolidis - Nov 2015

Unearthing the Past and Engaging the Present at Eleutherna, Crete


Dr. Athanasia Kanta - Feb 2015

Mycenaean Crete: Religion, State Authority and Royal Symbolism. New Evidence from Crete.


Dr. Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki - Nov 2014

Achaeans in Khania, Western Crete


Special Event - Sep 2014

Garden party in honour of Mrs Matti Egon


Professor Lila Marangou - Jan 2014

Amorgos: the Ancient Tower at Horio-Haghia Triada and the adjacent buildings of later times


Dr George Kakavas - Nov 2013

Early Christian Mosaics from Aghia Kyriaki (Central Greece): new evidence of a flourishing centre

Mr. Spyros M. Polemis - Feb 2013

A tribute in memory of Nicholas J.Hadjipateras


Dr. Marisa E. Marthari - Nov 2012

The Prehistoric site of Skarkos on the island of Ios: Expanding Horizons of Cycladic Archaeology


Professor Panos Valavanis - Jun 2012

The John Penrose Barron Memorial Lecture 'Athletics and Politics in the Ancient Greek Games'


Dr. Zetta Theodoropoulou-Polychroniadis - Feb 2012

Sounion Revisited: New Evidence on Early Cults


Dr. Konstantinos Zachos - Nov 2011

The Monument of Augustus for Actium: The Victory City & the beginnings of Roman Imperial Art


Dr. Metaxia Tsipopoulou - Feb 2011

Petras: 25 years of excavations and Studies in Minoan Siteia. The Settlements, Palace, and the Cemeteries


Dr Maria Limbaki Akamati and Professor Ioannis Akamatis - Nov 2010

Pella: the Capital of Philip II and Alexander the Great

Assistant Professor Andreas G. Vlachopoulos - Feb 2010

The Wall-Paintings of Akrotiri, Thera: Private, public and ritual images of a Cycladic settlement

Professor Panayiotis Vokotopoulos - Nov 2009

Byzantine Architecture and Art in the Despotate of Epirus during the 13th C.

Professor George Huxley - Feb 2009

A Laudation in memory of Professor Nicolas Coldstream

Scholar Artemis Georgiou (PhD candidate, Oxford) 'A Cosmopolitan Island: Flourishing and crisis in the Late Bronze Age of Cyprus'

Scholar Chryssanthi Papadopoulou(PhD candidate, KCL) 'The Navy in fifth century Athens: Evidence from the Athenian Religion

Dr. Alexandros Mantis - Oct 2008

New Finds from the sculpture of the Parthenon

Dr. Lefteris Platon - Feb 2008

Minoan Zakros: A gem of Aegean Civilization

Dr. Andrew Burnett - Jun 2007

Roman Coins and Greek Culture

Professor Petros G. Themelis - Feb 2007

The Agora of Ancient Messene

Professor Vasilios Aravantinos - Nov 2006

Heracles & Heracleides at Thebes: Myths, Cults & Excavations

Professor Olga Palagia - Feb 2006

New Perspectives on Macedonian Painting

Dr. Elpida Hadjidakis - Nov 2005

A Minoan Shipwreck off the Coast of Crete

Dr. Tasos Tanoulas - Nov 2004

The History & Restoration of the Propylaea of the Athenian Acropolis

Professor Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier - Jan 2004

The Kouros of the Sacred Gate: new finds of archaic marble sculpture in the Kerameikos, Athens

Professor Alexandros Mazarakis-Ainian - Nov 2003

Inside the adyton of an Archaic Greek temple: Excavations on Kythnos (Cyclades)

Professor Vassos Karageorghis - Mar 2003

The A.G. Leventis Foundation and the protection of the Cultural Heritage

Professor Spyros Iakovidis - Jan 2003

Greek Antiquities during World War II

Professor Petros Koufopoulos - Oct 2002

Mount Athos Architecture Transformed: the Restoration & Rebuilding of a Unique Heritage

Professor Lydia Paleokrassa - May 2002

Palaiopolis of Andros: The silent Present and the vibrant Past

Professor Helmut Kyrieleis - Nov 2001

Olympia: Excavations and the Archaeology of the Olympic Games

Dr. Bettina Tsigarida - May 2001

The Gold of Macedon

Professor Demetrios Michaelides - Nov 2000

The Mosaics of Paphos in the light of new discoveries

Dr. Liana Parlama - May 2000

New Discoveries from the Recent Excavations in Athens' (during the construction of the Metro)

Dr. Nanno Marinatos - Nov 1999

Bull-Leaping Frescoes from Knossos and Egypt: New Results

Professor Ioannis Sakellarakis - Nov 1998

Archanes: a journey in time. Tribute to Sir Arthur Evans

Dr. Alexandros Mazarakis-Ainian - Feb 1998

Excavations at Homeric Graia (Oropos)

Professor Charalambos Bakirtzis - Nov 1997

Paul and Philippoi: The Archaeological Evidence

Professor Spyros Iakovidis - Feb 1997

The Mycenean Fortress of Glas

Professor Theodoros Spyropoulos - Nov 1996

The Villa of Herodes Atticus at Astros Kynourias

Professor Petros Themelis - Nov 1995

Recent Research in Ancient Messene

Professor Dimitrios Pantermalis - May 1995


Dr. Irene S. Lemos - Nov 1994

Early Greek Sailors

Dr. Anna A. Lemos - Mar 1994

The Trojan Cycle in East Greek Iconography

Professor Vassilis Lambrinoudakis - Nov 1993

The Sanctuary of Dionysos at Naxos - 2500 years of its history

Dr. Georgios Papathanasopoulos - Nov 1992

The Neolithic Settlement in the Cave of Diros

Professor Christos Doumas - May 1992

Recent Work at Santorini

Dr. Georgios Papathanasopoulos - Oct 1991

The Proto-Helladic Shipwreck at Dokos - The World's Oldest Shipwreck

Dr. Petros Calligas - Mar 1991

Current Restoration of the Acropolis Monuments

Professor Geoffrey Waywell - Nov 1990

Excavations in Sparta 1987-9

Professor Speros Vryonis, Jr - Nov 1989

The Greeks and the Sea