Past Events

Save the Date: GACUK Annual Matti Egon Lecture - Dec 2023

The True Story of the Trojan War? Homer, Hittites and Troy


Dr Alkistis Papadimitriou and Dr Charalampos Kritzas - May 2023

Dr Alkistis Papadimitriou, Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Argolid, and Dr Charalampos Kritzas, Director Emeritus of the Epigraphical Museum at Athens, will speak on ‘The bronze inscribed tablets from the treasury of Pallas at Argos (4th century B.C.)’.

Please register in advance for the webinar on the link provided

Matti Egon Memorial Lecture - Nov 2022

An illustrated talk by Associate Professor Antonis Kotsonas, New York University, entitled 'Lyktos, “the most ancient city in Crete, and the source of the bravest men” (Polyb. 4.54): From foundation to destruction.’


Dr Nota Kourou - Mar 2022

Excavating the past and its people: A fortified settlement and its cemetery at Xobourgo on the island of Tenos

Celebrating the bicentenary of the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence - Dec 2021

Celebrating the bicentenary of the outbreak of the Greek War of Independence


Associate Professor Dr Yannis Papadatos - May 2021

Marathon revisited: the new excavation of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens at the site of Plasi


Excavating the Cradle of an Imperial Dynasty: The Material Culture and Prosopography of Byzantine Amorion - Dec 2020

Excavating the Cradle of an Imperial Dynasty: The Material Culture and Prosopography of Byzantine Amorion

Dr Elena Korka - Feb 2020

Where Oedipus meets Agamemnon. Discovery of the city of ancient Tenea


Professor Emerita Lydia Palaiokrassa-Kopitsa - Nov 2019

Ancient Andros: a history of 14 centuries


Dr. Konstantinos Boletis - Mar 2019

The Choregic Monument of Thrasyllos on the southern Slope of the Athenian Acropolis


Emeritus Professor Stelios Andreou - Nov 2018

The late prehistoric polities of the Thermaic Gulf: Recent archaeological research at Thessaloniki toumba and the Anthemous valley


Dr. Bettany Hughes - Feb 2018

The Queen of Cities-the story of Constantinople from prehistory to the present


Professor Maria Iacovou - Nov 2017

"Political economy, state formation and urbanism in the land of Ancient Paphos" (PULP 2006-2017)


Professor Michael Cosmopoulos - Feb 2017

Under the Sceptre of Nestor: excavations at the Mycenaean capital city of Iklaina


Dr Dimitris Kourkoumelis - Nov 2016

Recent research and new finds from the MENTOR shipwreck at Cythera (1802)


Mr. Michael Wood - Feb 2016

In the footsteps of Alexander the Great: further reflections on an epic journey


Professor Nikolaos Chr. Stampolidis - Nov 2015

Unearthing the Past and Engaging the Present at Eleutherna, Crete


Dr. Athanasia Kanta - Feb 2015

Mycenaean Crete: Religion, State Authority and Royal Symbolism. New Evidence from Crete.


Dr. Maria Andreadaki-Vlazaki - Nov 2014

Achaeans in Khania, Western Crete


Special Event - Sep 2014

Garden party in honour of Mrs Matti Egon


Professor Lila Marangou - Jan 2014

Amorgos: the Ancient Tower at Horio-Haghia Triada and the adjacent buildings of later times


Dr George Kakavas - Nov 2013

Early Christian Mosaics from Aghia Kyriaki (Central Greece): new evidence of a flourishing centre

Mr. Spyros M. Polemis - Feb 2013

A tribute in memory of Nicholas J.Hadjipateras


Dr. Marisa E. Marthari - Nov 2012

The Prehistoric site of Skarkos on the island of Ios: Expanding Horizons of Cycladic Archaeology


Professor Panos Valavanis - Jun 2012

The John Penrose Barron Memorial Lecture 'Athletics and Politics in the Ancient Greek Games'


Dr. Zetta Theodoropoulou-Polychroniadis - Feb 2012

Sounion Revisited: New Evidence on Early Cults


Dr. Konstantinos Zachos - Nov 2011

The Monument of Augustus for Actium: The Victory City & the beginnings of Roman Imperial Art


Dr. Metaxia Tsipopoulou - Feb 2011

Petras: 25 years of excavations and Studies in Minoan Siteia. The Settlements, Palace, and the Cemeteries


Dr Maria Limbaki Akamati and Professor Ioannis Akamatis - Nov 2010

Pella: the Capital of Philip II and Alexander the Great

Assistant Professor Andreas G. Vlachopoulos - Feb 2010

The Wall-Paintings of Akrotiri, Thera: Private, public and ritual images of a Cycladic settlement

Professor Panayiotis Vokotopoulos - Nov 2009

Byzantine Architecture and Art in the Despotate of Epirus during the 13th C.

Professor George Huxley - Feb 2009

A Laudation in memory of Professor Nicolas Coldstream

Scholar Artemis Georgiou (PhD candidate, Oxford) 'A Cosmopolitan Island: Flourishing and crisis in the Late Bronze Age of Cyprus'

Scholar Chryssanthi Papadopoulou(PhD candidate, KCL) 'The Navy in fifth century Athens: Evidence from the Athenian Religion

Dr. Alexandros Mantis - Oct 2008

New Finds from the sculpture of the Parthenon

Dr. Lefteris Platon - Feb 2008

Minoan Zakros: A gem of Aegean Civilization

Dr. Andrew Burnett - Jun 2007

Roman Coins and Greek Culture

Professor Petros G. Themelis - Feb 2007

The Agora of Ancient Messene

Professor Vasilios Aravantinos - Nov 2006

Heracles & Heracleides at Thebes: Myths, Cults & Excavations

Professor Olga Palagia - Feb 2006

New Perspectives on Macedonian Painting

Dr. Elpida Hadjidakis - Nov 2005

A Minoan Shipwreck off the Coast of Crete

Dr. Tasos Tanoulas - Nov 2004

The History & Restoration of the Propylaea of the Athenian Acropolis

Professor Wolf-Dietrich Niemeier - Jan 2004

The Kouros of the Sacred Gate: new finds of archaic marble sculpture in the Kerameikos, Athens

Professor Alexandros Mazarakis-Ainian - Nov 2003

Inside the adyton of an Archaic Greek temple: Excavations on Kythnos (Cyclades)

Professor Vassos Karageorghis - Mar 2003

The A.G. Leventis Foundation and the protection of the Cultural Heritage

Professor Spyros Iakovidis - Jan 2003

Greek Antiquities during World War II

Professor Petros Koufopoulos - Oct 2002

Mount Athos Architecture Transformed: the Restoration & Rebuilding of a Unique Heritage

Professor Lydia Paleokrassa - May 2002

Palaiopolis of Andros: The silent Present and the vibrant Past

Professor Helmut Kyrieleis - Nov 2001

Olympia: Excavations and the Archaeology of the Olympic Games

Dr. Bettina Tsigarida - May 2001

The Gold of Macedon

Professor Demetrios Michaelides - Nov 2000

The Mosaics of Paphos in the light of new discoveries

Dr. Liana Parlama - May 2000

New Discoveries from the Recent Excavations in Athens' (during the construction of the Metro)

Dr. Nanno Marinatos - Nov 1999

Bull-Leaping Frescoes from Knossos and Egypt: New Results

Professor Ioannis Sakellarakis - Nov 1998

Archanes: a journey in time. Tribute to Sir Arthur Evans

Dr. Alexandros Mazarakis-Ainian - Feb 1998

Excavations at Homeric Graia (Oropos)

Professor Charalambos Bakirtzis - Nov 1997

Paul and Philippoi: The Archaeological Evidence

Professor Spyros Iakovidis - Feb 1997

The Mycenean Fortress of Glas

Professor Theodoros Spyropoulos - Nov 1996

The Villa of Herodes Atticus at Astros Kynourias

Professor Petros Themelis - Nov 1995

Recent Research in Ancient Messene

Professor Dimitrios Pantermalis - May 1995


Dr. Irene S. Lemos - Nov 1994

Early Greek Sailors

Dr. Anna A. Lemos - Mar 1994

The Trojan Cycle in East Greek Iconography

Professor Vassilis Lambrinoudakis - Nov 1993

The Sanctuary of Dionysos at Naxos - 2500 years of its history

Dr. Georgios Papathanasopoulos - Nov 1992

The Neolithic Settlement in the Cave of Diros

Professor Christos Doumas - May 1992

Recent Work at Santorini

Dr. Georgios Papathanasopoulos - Oct 1991

The Proto-Helladic Shipwreck at Dokos - The World's Oldest Shipwreck

Dr. Petros Calligas - Mar 1991

Current Restoration of the Acropolis Monuments

Professor Geoffrey Waywell - Nov 1990

Excavations in Sparta 1987-9

Professor Speros Vryonis, Jr - Nov 1989

The Greeks and the Sea